Online Gambling-Top 8 Myths You Need to Know

Top Myths

The gaming industry is definitely connected with luck and thrill. This makes lots of gamblers create online casino myths and spread them out.

A lot of superstitions and misconceptions relate to gameplay and payouts. Some are harmless and some can really destroy your life if you take them into account. This time we shall name the most popular misconceptions about gaming and explain why you should not treat them seriously.

Casino Bonuses Boost Your Bankroll

Casinos pay much attention to promotional campaigns. They do propose you the best casino bonuses. However, the promotions are not as best as described. Deposit bonuses, free bonuses other promotions guarantee that you spend much money.

The main trick covers under wagering requirements. Staking houses set this as the primary requirement for the withdrawal to be enabled. This condition enjoins you to wager the bonus amount several times. In the case the bonus is subject to 35x-40x wagering requirements, a bettor is to roll over this amount 35 or 40 times respectively.

Let us provide an example. A player is offered a deposit of $500 with a bonus of 200%. The whole amount is $1,500. Multiply it by 35 and you will get $52,500. This is the money you have to wager to get the $1,000.

The unused bonus funds will be terminated unless you roll over them within 30 days or quicker.

Next, come free spins. As well as other no deposit promotions, they usually apply to a fixed number of games. Also, their size is predetermined to the minimum bet size of the slot machine. Therefore, 200 or 300 free spins will equal tiny $20-30.

Therefore, the benefit of casino promotions is overrated.

All this information is publicly declared on the terms and conditions page of any staking room. However, lots of gamers do not pay attention to it and get excited with the bonuses. Be aware of these tricky terms.

Next myths will touch games and specifics of betting.

You Can Beat a Casino Using a Strategy

Online gambling differs from the fast-paced loud company at land-based casinos. A virtual casino site has an advantage over a bettor. It always has it. You will never be capable of beating it. You play under its rules.

This advantage is the house edge. It means a gaming room receives a portion of your wager every time you make any turn in the game. It is integrated into the game rules. Each game has a certain %:

  • Video Poker has up to 5%
  • European Roulette gets 2.5%
  • Online slots capture 10%
  • Baccarat takes 1.5%
  • Blackjack takes 1.5%

As you see, regardless of the outcome of your turn, a casino will always take a percentage of your bet. No strategy will reduce its influence. This percentage is not mentioned in any game but calculated.

Slots Pay You According to RTP

Another common misunderstanding touches slot machines.

The Return to Player Percentage is a value that determines how much the slot game will pay you in return over thousands of spins. RTP of 90% implies an average return of $9 from $10 stake.

However, this is not a stable value. From the first 5 spins, you can get $24,357. And from the consequent 26 spins, you can get $89. However, if you played 100 days continuously for 10 hours a day, you would be close to the 90% return.

These amusements are believed to splutter a lot of cash when you place high stakes. It is false as well. The payouts are random.

The More You Play the Better You Are

If you think you can become a master of slots or blackjack at an online casino, you are wrong. Despite there are hundreds of games, each of them is based on the Number Random Generator.

When you do the best in such amusements as Blackjack or Poker, you do not actually influence the situation as much as you think. In any case, your outcome is random. That is why the importance of strategy play is overrated. But this makes sense only at online betting houses. When you play with real people, you can make big wins.

Everyone Swindles

Playing online casino games, you may think you can cheat a casino or it cheats you. You are wrong.

Online casino websites undergo strict evaluation by certifying companies. Everything is examined, tested, evaluated and certified starting from bonus spins and ending with deposit and withdrawal methods.

If the outcome is claimed to be random, it is. If you play online slots with 97% RTP, you do really play with the 97% return.

Software suppliers like NetEnt, Yggdrasil, or Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, are licensed and regulated. Staking websites powered by these brands, do provide fair gameplay.

You Hold All the Aces


You should be careful with not only bonuses and promotions, but also your favorite games. Be aware right because they are your favorite. Do not expect too much from them. Online games are addictive.

You should understand you can get absorbed in playing. It is really possible to become addicted. It is a real disease which is then treated in gambling addiction centers.

Rituals Will Help

You may have heard of crossing fingers before betting, or betting on lucky numbers. Or you may have seen your friends whispering spells to summon jackpots. It is okay unless people rely upon these rituals with a straight face. The reality is boring, however. You can forget such words as fortune, luck, and bad luck. Slots are not lucky or unlucky. You are not lucky or unlucky. There is only probability and math.

Statistics Matters in Slots

Since all the amusements are random in their nature, there is no way to predict the outcome of a spin. That is why gathering any statistics concerning the sequence of spins is useless. If the first spin is paying, the second or the third or the fifth one will not be 100% losing and vice versa.



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